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I recently found out that one of my “old” dance twirl colleagues, whom I used to twirl with back home is starting up her very own troupe in Stavanger. And I have decided to joing them. Since there is four of us (two of my other “frombackhome” colleagues are joining in too), we can now train together as a senior troupe, and if we decide we’re good enough I might compete again.

I twirled for ten years, but stopped six months before I moved to England. I did bring my baton with me in my suitcase, and I have always kept it close, and done some twirling in the living room to keep some of my skills. After five years I never htought I’d be competing again, or twirling again for that matter. But, I guess I just couldnt stay away 🙂

My sister started twirling again this fall, and I’ve been very jealous. Who knows, maybe we’ll compete against each other in not too long.

So there it is, after five years, I am a Twirl Girl again!

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