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Here are some words on whats been going on with me and in my mind lately:

I broke my arm !! I went home for easter, and on Thursday I BROKe my arm…Close to my wrist. how lame. I spent hours at the hospital wth my sister Aina laughing about what had just happened, an abou how none of my other family members believed us when we told them we where at the hospital ….. we sent them a pic. from the x-ray room and thats when they finally believed me. I dont know what me and Aina did to deserve this mistrust!! (well, I might have a small clue..but still !!!?)

Been wearing a cast for a week now, going back to the hospital again tomorrow for new x-rays and a checkup..hoping I might not need a new cast 🙂

Adam Baldwin is still HOT!!!

Ithink I might be attracted to Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds (Matthew Gray Gubler)..maybe I like geeky looking guys 😉

Spencer Pratt is such a tool !!! I might have said that before, and there is a huge chance I will say it again. What a douchebag this guy is. SERIOUSLY!

Watched St.Trinians with my sister the other night. I love it !! its so crazy and hilarious 🙂

I spent 15 mins. outside in the sun today (reminding you now I live in Norway), and I got sun excema everywhere….I still claim that there is a reason to believe that I might be allergic to the sun 😉

Im gonna watch Reaper now!!! bye bye 🙂


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Stephanie visits Audrinas house, and discusses Heidi and Spencers “mystery” dissappearance. Justin (Bobby) sits in the background, listening, waiting for the right moment. And then it comes.

“You should put up some signs”

And I laughed, and I’m still laughing. Justin, you’re growing on me man. Best comment of the year !!!! I give thee, a zillion gold stars 😀

Other things about the Hills episode, just out today (last night in the US), worth mentioning :

Heidis mom told us magazine that Heidi must have been drugged or something, and it turns out she wasnt. drugged that is. She was drunk though, very drunk. She was wasted ! explains why she actually agreed to it all …

Whitney is gone!!! Its sad. I almst cried. I know shes gonna have her own show and all, but it wont be the same. she needs to stay with Lauren and be her friendly fortune cookie. Whitney, come back ?!

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The title basically explains everything I had to say, but I’ll repeat it one more time to make sure everyone gets my point:


PS: dont’ even get me started on that useless good-for-nothing loser boyfriend of hers, Spencer “insert gagging sound here” Pratt!

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