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The Norwegian Whaling quota for 2010:  


The Norwegian govenment’s reason for whaling:

Its an important part of the Norwegian diet and an important part of the Norwegian culture


The government is lying. I am Norwegian. From an island. I have NEVER eaten whale meat. I have never seen whale meat on the dinnertable. Not in my home, nor in anyone else’s home.

Whaling is wrong. Its barbaric, disgusting and shamefull.

Stop Whaling NOW!




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I must seem like a big Miley fan, commenting on her yet again, but as long as I think she’s being treated wrong I will keep writing!

Miley and the photos, and all the comments from random know-it-all people following:
WTF?! Why does random peopel on talk shows and on the NEWS (!) talk about what a shame it is with Miley and how bad she is and all the teen wannabe goodie-twoshoes girls discussing her on IMDb calling her a skank ?! To quote little Stephanie Tanner “How Rude!”
Yes, the vanity fair photos were a bit much, but then we all need to remember her age. Shes 15! She is at a very impressional age right now, probably trying to manage her fame and her life trying to grow up and make “the right choises” at the same time. Maybe she kinda htought of those picturen in vanity as just another one of those photo shoots, and are we all forgetting that she probably didnt feel that bad about it unitl everyone seemed to have an opinion on how “bad” it was ? poor thing. 
Miley is a 15 year old girl. She’s growing up. I have photos of my sisters posing in bikinis, and they were 14 and 15 at the time. I also remember taking pictures of myself in my shortest skirt and top when I was that age. Its exactly the age when you try to figure everything out, including you body and sexuality. I’m not saying that they’re all ready to have sex and post raunchy pics online, but it is a big part of ones life at that age. Miley is getting some heat because someone who shouldnt have posted those photos online. when you’re famous, the whole issue about true friends etc. becomes a very difficult one, and you might think you can trust your friends, because thats what you need to be able to do at that age.
It’s unfortunate, and sad, for Miley, and other girls that age still trying to make ense of it all. I bet most girls that age who call Miley a skank have a few photos in their files themselves of themselves…

She is not anorexic!!!!! and she is not, just as Miley is not, a skank!

IMDB posters on Miley and Taylor messageboards, I am guessing over half of you is Miley and Taylors age, add or take a few years. The rest is probably christian twenty year old something virgins who are too “holy” for their own good. Please give these girls a break. They work hard, and they do the best they can, while also trying to grow up and make sense of life and who they are. They dont need your useless and hurtful “skank!” comments. Give credit where credit’s due, and praise them for their hard work entertaining you, and leave them alone when you have nothing usefull to say!

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Found loads of stuff on youtube, and I get more excited the more I see of this film. I can’t wait to see the final product, it’s gonna be absolutely AMAZING!

For you who are too lazy to actually go to youtube.com and type in Twilight in the search bar, here are some links:

Meet the Characters (MTV), LOADS of exciting stuff:


Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) talks about his wig (MTV) :


Behind the scenes (ET) :


Slideshow with OFFICIAL photos for the Twilight movie :


There are loads of set photos, and fanvideos too, so theres LOADS to see if you’re interested enough.


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The past week my island has been transformed into the island of white, covered in snow, cold and pretty.
I don’t mind the changing in wather per se, but the wather on the island tends to change like, every three minutes or so. i look out the window, it’s snowing. Three minutes later, I look out the window, it’s raining.

At the moment it’s raining, and the roads are turning slippery. So, good thing I dont drive a truck or anything 😉

I should have posted some nice snow photos here for you, but I have non. If it starts snowing again, and the snow lasts, I’ll try to get my ass out to take some photos for you 🙂

Until then, you can browse the blog, sign my Stop Norwegian Whaling petition, give me ideas for films with foreign villains in them, and check out the PostSecret postcards 🙂 Have fun!

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Miley Cyrus

So, I’ve been watching some Hannah Montana lately!! It’s funny!! I know I’m 21, but I’m not gonna say I don’t like something that makes me laugh 😉

I have also been reading a bit about Miley, and I decided I needed to get my thoughts out in the air about her socalled “sluttyness”!!!

Miley is NOT a slut, she is NOT a ho, she is NOT a skank!!!!!
people are WAY to hard on her.
in my opinion she is a teenager, she wants to have fun with her friends. teenage girls take silly pictures, and YES, they are starting to think about the whole body/sex/growing up thingy, it’s natural!!!!
if you are a teenager who don’t think about it, then you’re very abnormal!! nto to step on anyone’s toes or anything…

Leave Miley alone. She is already giving so much, with the show, the music, touring etc.
isnt’ that enough? let her be a teenager the few moments she has to just hang with her friends without having to grow up too fast!!!

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