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If I have any steady readers at all, then I just want to apologize for my lack of blogging lately. May and June in general are always crazy months in my life.

Im writing to you from Paris at the moment. Arrived yesterday to a BLAZING heat, and spent the night meeting Mia and Meredith again for the first time since Miami and Newcastle. Three American guys are also here with us, one a friend of Mias, and the other two friends of him. Suvi whom I met one day, when studying in the Toon also arrived in Paris yesterday. The evening was spent eating at a really crappy French restaurant, and then getting a little tipsy in the boys hotel room afterwards, drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Today we went to the Louvre. It was very warm and crowded, but the outside area of the louvre, by the pyramides, was insanely pretty. Had lunch in the park right by the museum.

right now we#re back at the hostel. Mia and Suvi are watching the game between Argentina and Germany, and Im about to head out to a nearby boutique to have alittle looksy 🙂

promise to be back for good when fall comes around. My life is likely to be far less exciting then 😉

❤ from Paris !!!


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Welcome to the journey that we shall from now on refer to as “Florida journey”.

Yes, I am heading to Florida for two weeks with Mia, and I shall try to keep you updated along the way. I am very excited, and also kinda anxious. thats travel nerves for you 😉

Early in the morning I am heading towards Newcastle airport, and then from there to Paris, and from Paris to Miami.

I better start heading towards bed now, so i wont kill Mia when she wakes me up in the morning 😉

the journey begins…..

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