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The Norwegian Whaling quota for 2010:  


The Norwegian govenment’s reason for whaling:

Its an important part of the Norwegian diet and an important part of the Norwegian culture


The government is lying. I am Norwegian. From an island. I have NEVER eaten whale meat. I have never seen whale meat on the dinnertable. Not in my home, nor in anyone else’s home.

Whaling is wrong. Its barbaric, disgusting and shamefull.

Stop Whaling NOW!




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I have noticed high visits on my blog lately, mainly on my posts on Norwegian whaling.

I am thrilled that people are interested enough to stop by and read about it here, and I also want to give a big thanks to everyone who has taken a moment of their time to sign my petition against norwegian whaling (petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/JMM/petition.html)

Norwegian whaling is a cruel and completely unnecessary “tradition” that have been going on for over a hundred years. Even when the rest of the world (most of it anyway) stopped hunting and killing whales, Norway continued. The government say its a tradition, and that whale meat is an important part of the Norwegian diet. The government is lying.

I am a Norwegian myself, and I have NEVER seen whale meat on our dinnertable. For my grandparents it might have been a common thing to see whalemeat on the dinnertable, but the tradition ended there.

In April, Norway will again start their annual whale hunt. This year the quota is for over 1200 whales!

My petition will be sent to the government on april 1st, along with the petition statement, and also a personalised letter from me.

If you have not already, please sign my petition, and also, send it to all of your friends and make them sign it too. The more signatures, the more of an impact the petition will have. Also, any letters sent to the government asking them to stop their barbaric hunt will definately make an impact too.

Thank you 🙂

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Huge surprise for everyone today, as the Sea Shepherds’ THIRD ship turned up in the Southern Ocean today !!! Yup, thats right, a THIRD ship.

Here I was secretly doubting their success to kick some Japanese whaling butt this year, and then they spring these news on me:


To the Sea Shepherds:
I am ashamed that I ever doubted you. Please forgive me. Now, go stop the Japanese whalers once and for all (and then come to Norway this summer to end Norwegian whaling once and for all, too) You guys are AMAZING !

To the Japanese Whalers:
Time to go home guys, FOR GOOD! buh-bye !


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It had been a while since I last checked my online petition against Norwegian whaling, and last time I checked there wasonly a total of seven signatures. My heart grew large when I discovered that there was now 116 signatures on the petition.

I do not know if any of my readers are a part of the peopel who have signed my petition, but if you are, I give you all a big thank you. For those who haven’t, i would greatly appreciate if you could tak two minutes out of you day to sign the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/JMM/petition.html

Tell you friends to sign it too, as this is an important issue, and the more signatures, the more of an impact we can make in the fight to stop Norwegian whaling.

Thank You!

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I have created a facebook group for my little “Stop Norwegian Whaling!” vendetta, so feel free to join it if you even just remotely feel the same way that I do about the Norwegian whaling culture.

Please sign the petition too. It takes a minute, and every individual signature matters.

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As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have started a petition to stop Norwegian whaling. I know people have read my post, my no one has signed. I know there is only one signature so far, but we all have to start somewhere right ?

Please, pleas sign the petition. It only takes a minute, and it is for a VERY good cause!!!

If you want more info., just check out the previous post (Stop Norwegian whaling).


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Norwegian whaling is a cruel, and unnecessary ‘tradition’.
The government claims that whaling is an important tradition in Norway, and that it is a big part of the norwegian every-day diet. This is NOT true!!!

I have had whale meat once, as my aunt and uncle bought some from a random guy who came knocking on their door. They MADE me take a bite. I HATED it. Not just because it was whale meat, but it didn’t even taste good. I have never met anyone who have eaten whale meat, and I’m a native Norwegian!!

If you wish to support me in my fight against this terrible Norwegian tradition, please sign my petition at :

The more signatures, the stronger my case will be when I send it to the Norwegian government. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s for a really good cause.

Thank you !

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