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The Norwegian Whaling quota for 2010:  


The Norwegian govenment’s reason for whaling:

Its an important part of the Norwegian diet and an important part of the Norwegian culture


The government is lying. I am Norwegian. From an island. I have NEVER eaten whale meat. I have never seen whale meat on the dinnertable. Not in my home, nor in anyone else’s home.

Whaling is wrong. Its barbaric, disgusting and shamefull.

Stop Whaling NOW!





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I have noticed high visits on my blog lately, mainly on my posts on Norwegian whaling.

I am thrilled that people are interested enough to stop by and read about it here, and I also want to give a big thanks to everyone who has taken a moment of their time to sign my petition against norwegian whaling (petition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/JMM/petition.html)

Norwegian whaling is a cruel and completely unnecessary “tradition” that have been going on for over a hundred years. Even when the rest of the world (most of it anyway) stopped hunting and killing whales, Norway continued. The government say its a tradition, and that whale meat is an important part of the Norwegian diet. The government is lying.

I am a Norwegian myself, and I have NEVER seen whale meat on our dinnertable. For my grandparents it might have been a common thing to see whalemeat on the dinnertable, but the tradition ended there.

In April, Norway will again start their annual whale hunt. This year the quota is for over 1200 whales!

My petition will be sent to the government on april 1st, along with the petition statement, and also a personalised letter from me.

If you have not already, please sign my petition, and also, send it to all of your friends and make them sign it too. The more signatures, the more of an impact the petition will have. Also, any letters sent to the government asking them to stop their barbaric hunt will definately make an impact too.

Thank you 🙂

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Tobias found the almond in his porridge. Therefore he got the marzipan pig (oh, how I love the Norwegian christmas traditions;))

The table was set, ready for Christmas Dinner

I am a self-proclaimed dinnerparty entertainer

Tobias posed in front of the Christmas tree (I hid the Norwegian flags so my brother couldn’t put them on the tree this year…!)

Me and the sister posed in our Christmas finest

I drank coffee (lots of coffee)

Aina played and I sang (In the Sun by Joseph Arthur)


Aina, Mette Susann and Tobias ready to “gå julebukk” (the Norwegian equivalent to Christmas caroling)


New Years Eve and large amounts of chips/crisps “vanished” 

My brother brought fireworks


The family played “Trivial Pursuit girls vs.boys” (girls won!)

Three hours into 2010 I changed into my PJ’s and found me a book to read

This was a short photographic recap of Christmas (possibly my favourite christmas to date). Loads more photos excist, but I don’t want to bore you 😉

Happy New Year, dear reader. Make it an EXCELLENT one 😀

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As the Sea Shepherds roam the vast seas in the antarctic searching for whalers to harrass , I am trying to come up with ways to fight the whalers from where I am.

The natural place to start would be to fight the norwegian government. Norway  could be such a great country, but the government allow a few things slide that just doesnt make sense. We could look like such a great country, but the world only sees our mistakes. And still allowing whaling is a BIG mistake.

Please help me in my little fight to stop norwegian whaling. There is no place for whaling in the world today. Let the norwegian government know how you feel.

Sign the petition (it only takes 20 seconds):


and join me on facebook:


Thank you 🙂 EVERYTHING helps!

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Happy New Year (see you in 2010)

In five hours Norway will sail into 2010. A new year is about to begin, and I cant wait:)

This is a crappy photo (apologies), but I just wanted to show you some evidence of the snow that wil help us greet the new year 😀

Its been such a long year, and almost othing of interest has happened to me. Around easter I broke my arm (clean break, not much drama), and in November I went to London for a long weekend. The one thing I am thankful for this year is discovering Whale Wars (and Sea Shepherd). It means so much to me, to feel so passionate about something after a loooong year and a half working only nights and feeling like I’ve lost so much of myself.  I will be looking forward to bringing that passion into the next year, and hopefully find something extraordinary to do with it 🙂

Thank you for spending some time with me this year 🙂 If you wish to stay with me for the next year it will be my pleasure to welcome you back.

From me at “LifeAmongtheBrightestStars”, to you (whoever and wherever in the world you might be), Happy New Year 😀

Our Christmas stockings ❤

“Love is Dead” (and next year we shall water the flowers 😉

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Answer: More than you’d think.

The Norwegian hotel business is not quite as crazy in summer as the rest of the worl, but the people of Germany ALWAYS manage to find their way here to our beautiful country. I work in a typical Norwegian airport hotel, and 80% of our guests at the moment are german. Therefore, I can truly say.

I know how many German people can fit in an elevator !

Last load down the elevator was 10 (and the elevator is quite small…!)

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Eternal Optimist

I must be an eternal optimist.

I live in Norway, and I have not yet acquired an umbrella for myself.
If you are not Norwegian, or you do not know much about Norway, you are probably thinkink something like this right now:  “isn’t Norway just snow and ice ?!”

The far north of Norway is usually cold and icy for most of the year. The rest however, is just incredibly rainy.

So therefore, I must be an eternal optimist, because I still do not own an umbrella. I cannot even remember owning one. Maybe it is time though. because the fact that im an eternal optimist doesnt change the fact that, it’s now raining outside.

I will be heading to the shops tomorrow. To buy summer clothes. if it rains on my way there, I might decide that it is finally time to cool down my optimism a little bit.

After all, I don’t like to get wet!!!

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