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Dont know why I keep jumping from blog to blog, especially when I have so many visitors on this one. But at the moment I am loving my newest blog a little bit more, so that is mostly where I spend my time.

Thank you for checking out this blog, and you are most welcome to visit my other blog any time, too 🙂

http://loveofcoffee.wordpress.com  is where you will find more recent stuff about me, my life, anti whaling, pretty dresses and competative baton twirling.

X’s and o’s Jenny


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Huge surprise for everyone today, as the Sea Shepherds’ THIRD ship turned up in the Southern Ocean today !!! Yup, thats right, a THIRD ship.

Here I was secretly doubting their success to kick some Japanese whaling butt this year, and then they spring these news on me:


To the Sea Shepherds:
I am ashamed that I ever doubted you. Please forgive me. Now, go stop the Japanese whalers once and for all (and then come to Norway this summer to end Norwegian whaling once and for all, too) You guys are AMAZING !

To the Japanese Whalers:
Time to go home guys, FOR GOOD! buh-bye !


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Heres a link for the new teaser trailer for the Twilight movie :


Anyone else as EXCITED as me ?!?!?!???

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