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Dont know why I keep jumping from blog to blog, especially when I have so many visitors on this one. But at the moment I am loving my newest blog a little bit more, so that is mostly where I spend my time.

Thank you for checking out this blog, and you are most welcome to visit my other blog any time, too 🙂

http://loveofcoffee.wordpress.com  is where you will find more recent stuff about me, my life, anti whaling, pretty dresses and competative baton twirling.

X’s and o’s Jenny


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For you who think that the road doesn’t go anywhere, that life is only a struggle, that hope is fading fast.

The road DOES lead to somewhere.

I have been down, I have cried and I have fought my way through all the crap that I had come to believe that was my life.

The spring is here. The sun is out. I am making plans, making decitions. I can truly see that the road is going forward. It might be a clichè, and it might be cheesy, but it needed to be said.

I feel happy. Truly happy. I know there will be more struggles, and I know it wont always be easy. But it is easy today. And if its easy today, then tomorrow could easily be easy too.

When the road is dark and you are on the floor screaming, trust my words when I say, that the road leads somewhere. And it is worth the fight.

Keep walking 😀

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