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…was a good episode. I know “good” doesn’t even begin to explain how the episode really was. It’s just something you have to see for yourself.

One thing I will say though, I am glad that if there was ever any doubt that the Japanese Whalers deliberately rammed Ady Gil, that doubt should be 100 % GONE after this episode.  The Sea Shepherds are NOT even remotly at fault for the Ady Gil “accident”. The Shonan Mary #2 captain had every intention of ramming the Ady Gil.

Case closed ! 🙂


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So, the Japanese whalers are getting pretty desperate this whaling season. They just rammed the Sea Shepherd’s newest ship “Bob Barker”.

News here:


Video here :


And dont try to tell me this one was Sea Shepherds fault. Cause it so obviously was not !

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The Japanese Whalers just rammed the Ady Gil down in the Southern Ocean !!!

Guess that shows how scared they are of the sea Shepherds. Good thing no one got hurt, and that the Sea Shepherds still have two more ships left to go.

Read the whole thing here:


In the Norwegian media (in Norwegian):


Don’t give up, Sea Shepherds. Keep them running 😉

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The Sea Shepherd ship steve irwin finally “set sail” today, and they are now officially on their way to the Southern Ocean to stop the Japanese whalers.

I wish them all the luck in the world, and hope that things will go their way this year. I hope they know how much their hard work and dedication is appreciated around the world. If only I was as brave as them…:)

Good luck, have a safe journey, and kick some japanese a**!


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