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Dont know why I keep jumping from blog to blog, especially when I have so many visitors on this one. But at the moment I am loving my newest blog a little bit more, so that is mostly where I spend my time.

Thank you for checking out this blog, and you are most welcome to visit my other blog any time, too 🙂

http://loveofcoffee.wordpress.com  is where you will find more recent stuff about me, my life, anti whaling, pretty dresses and competative baton twirling.

X’s and o’s Jenny


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I love coffee. I might be an addict. But I could be addicted to far worse, Im sure.

I love sitting down with a cup of coffee. Taking moments out of my day to drink down some energy and some liquid bliss with a dash of milk.

But somethimes, life gets busy. And you think about that cup of coffee that you so desperately want. You can almost smell it, but you dont have time to get any closer.

And that is when you wish, that life could be like this:

Plug me in, please! ❤

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I know lent is meant to be some religious thing, but during my stay in England I learned that many people decided to give up something they love for lent.

My plan was to give up chocolate. On Ash wednesday I took the bus home to the island to spend a long weekend at home. The moment I walked in the kitchen door at home, my mom and my sister had spread a bag of Twist chocolates on the table (Norwegian equivallent of Cadbury’s heroes/roses/celebrations chocolates)

Some of my favourites are in that very bag, and thats when I knew giving up chocolate was not an option for me.

So I gave up cake, soda AND ice cream instead.

So far its gone okay, but twice I wanted to give up just so I could eat oreo cake, and once I almost cheated because we have a soft ice machine at work.
Half way there 🙂 I will survive 😉

And to think that I considered giving up coffee….I would have DIED. dramatic, I know. But I honestly think I would die if I had to give up coffee…

Did you give up anything for lent ?

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I’ve benn drooling for months over all the gorgeous and cool tea and coffe cups at Indiska. ( www.indiska.no )

For christmas my lovely siblings bought me a gift card to the store, and pictures below is what the gift card was used for:


The name of the cup is “Peacock Cup”. Its pretty. And at the moment its full of green tea 🙂

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Tobias found the almond in his porridge. Therefore he got the marzipan pig (oh, how I love the Norwegian christmas traditions;))

The table was set, ready for Christmas Dinner

I am a self-proclaimed dinnerparty entertainer

Tobias posed in front of the Christmas tree (I hid the Norwegian flags so my brother couldn’t put them on the tree this year…!)

Me and the sister posed in our Christmas finest

I drank coffee (lots of coffee)

Aina played and I sang (In the Sun by Joseph Arthur)


Aina, Mette Susann and Tobias ready to “gå julebukk” (the Norwegian equivalent to Christmas caroling)


New Years Eve and large amounts of chips/crisps “vanished” 

My brother brought fireworks


The family played “Trivial Pursuit girls vs.boys” (girls won!)

Three hours into 2010 I changed into my PJ’s and found me a book to read

This was a short photographic recap of Christmas (possibly my favourite christmas to date). Loads more photos excist, but I don’t want to bore you 😉

Happy New Year, dear reader. Make it an EXCELLENT one 😀

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