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…was a good episode. I know “good” doesn’t even begin to explain how the episode really was. It’s just something you have to see for yourself.

One thing I will say though, I am glad that if there was ever any doubt that the Japanese Whalers deliberately rammed Ady Gil, that doubt should be 100 % GONE after this episode.  The Sea Shepherds are NOT even remotly at fault for the Ady Gil “accident”. The Shonan Mary #2 captain had every intention of ramming the Ady Gil.

Case closed ! 🙂


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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society are asking for people to help and support Captain Peter Bethune.

Bethune boarded the Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru No2 on February 15, to serve the captain a citizen’s arrest warrant, after Shonan Maru No2 rammed and sank the Ady Gil (of which Bethune was captain). The Shonan Maru No2 immediately set sail back home to Japan to hand Bethune over to the Japanese government.

Bethune is currently in a cell in Tokyo, waiting for formal charges to be pressed.

If you wish to read more about this case you can go on to the Sea Shepherd website (http://www.seashepherd.org/matilda/support-captain-bethune.html)

On the same site you will also find ways of helping and supporting Bethune.

Not that my opinion matters greatly, but I’ll put in my two cents anyway.
When I first hear about the boarding, I thought “not again, this is just plain stupidity”.
Memories of Pottsy and Giles boarding a Japanese whaling ship only a few years back popped into mind. They were released, and brought back to the Steve Irwin, but I immediately knew that Bethune would not be released. The whalers have stated before that if anything like this ever happened again, the person (s) boarding their ships would be brought back to Japan and charged. They stayed true to their words.

However wrong boarding someone else’s ship might be, I still support Bethune’s choice, and will do what I can to help. On January 6, the Shonan Maru No2 rammed the Ady Gil, causing it to take in water and eventually sink. One of the crew members on the Ady Gil was injured, but luckily he wasnt hurt too bad. Also, it could have easliy had a much worse turnout. Losing a ship is one thing, but it could easily have resulted in lives lost. Which is just NOT acceptable. Bethune boarded the Shonan Maru No2 to make a statement to just that. Ramming and sinking his ship, and jeapordizing his own, and his crew members’ lives, while not taking responsibility for it is wrong. Bethune boarded the Japanese ship to make a stand and to let them know that their behaviour is NOT acceptable.
There have been absolutely NO legal matters as result of the Shonan Maru No2 ramming the Ady Gil!!! 

Support the Sea Sheoherds, and support Bethune. With no legal action taken against the Shonan Maru No2, there should be no legal action taken against Behtune either!

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The Japanese Whalers just rammed the Ady Gil down in the Southern Ocean !!!

Guess that shows how scared they are of the sea Shepherds. Good thing no one got hurt, and that the Sea Shepherds still have two more ships left to go.

Read the whole thing here:


In the Norwegian media (in Norwegian):


Don’t give up, Sea Shepherds. Keep them running 😉

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