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Heres a link for the new teaser trailer for the Twilight movie :


Anyone else as EXCITED as me ?!?!?!???


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The title basically explains everything I had to say, but I’ll repeat it one more time to make sure everyone gets my point:


PS: dont’ even get me started on that useless good-for-nothing loser boyfriend of hers, Spencer “insert gagging sound here” Pratt!

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I must seem like a big Miley fan, commenting on her yet again, but as long as I think she’s being treated wrong I will keep writing!

Miley and the photos, and all the comments from random know-it-all people following:
WTF?! Why does random peopel on talk shows and on the NEWS (!) talk about what a shame it is with Miley and how bad she is and all the teen wannabe goodie-twoshoes girls discussing her on IMDb calling her a skank ?! To quote little Stephanie Tanner “How Rude!”
Yes, the vanity fair photos were a bit much, but then we all need to remember her age. Shes 15! She is at a very impressional age right now, probably trying to manage her fame and her life trying to grow up and make “the right choises” at the same time. Maybe she kinda htought of those picturen in vanity as just another one of those photo shoots, and are we all forgetting that she probably didnt feel that bad about it unitl everyone seemed to have an opinion on how “bad” it was ? poor thing. 
Miley is a 15 year old girl. She’s growing up. I have photos of my sisters posing in bikinis, and they were 14 and 15 at the time. I also remember taking pictures of myself in my shortest skirt and top when I was that age. Its exactly the age when you try to figure everything out, including you body and sexuality. I’m not saying that they’re all ready to have sex and post raunchy pics online, but it is a big part of ones life at that age. Miley is getting some heat because someone who shouldnt have posted those photos online. when you’re famous, the whole issue about true friends etc. becomes a very difficult one, and you might think you can trust your friends, because thats what you need to be able to do at that age.
It’s unfortunate, and sad, for Miley, and other girls that age still trying to make ense of it all. I bet most girls that age who call Miley a skank have a few photos in their files themselves of themselves…

She is not anorexic!!!!! and she is not, just as Miley is not, a skank!

IMDB posters on Miley and Taylor messageboards, I am guessing over half of you is Miley and Taylors age, add or take a few years. The rest is probably christian twenty year old something virgins who are too “holy” for their own good. Please give these girls a break. They work hard, and they do the best they can, while also trying to grow up and make sense of life and who they are. They dont need your useless and hurtful “skank!” comments. Give credit where credit’s due, and praise them for their hard work entertaining you, and leave them alone when you have nothing usefull to say!

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I find that most people visit my blog for Twilight stuff (the movie especially), and I will try my hardest to please those people. I must say however, that those who are constantly looking for information about Twilight the movie and the Twilight book series, you should visit Stephenie Meyers official web site. That is after all where I get most of my information from.
Link here: www.stepheniemeyer.com

There is a nice little countdown clock to the fourth book in the Twilight series on the meyer website (www.stepheniemeyer.com) , counting days, hours, minutes and seconds. I am not sure if that is the release for US only, or if it is for ‘the world’. I do hope it is for the world, as I will be eagerly expecting the book either in the UK or in Norway.
At this very moment the countdown clock reads: 58 Days, 5 Hours, 33 Minutes and 30 Seconds!

I have not yet had the pleasure of reading Stephenie Meyers new book “The Host”, as I have 12 books in my collection that I still haven’t read. But when I read it I shall let you know how I feel about it 🙂 the reviews are excellent though, so I am lookign forward to reading it.

Stay tuned the next week for more posts on twilight the movie, as I will try to find soem new videos etc. for you 🙂

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I have in my hand a CD. It is black and blue, the writing is in white. The writing reads: ONEREPUBLIC – dreaming out loud.


I ordered the OneRepublic cd on amazon before the weekend, and today it finally arrived. OneRepublic’s fantastic music pleases my ears as I write to you now, to tell you to do what I did, go buy the cd (or order it). I ❤ OneRepublic, and if you give it a chance, I truly believe you will ❤ it too 🙂

Favourites are many, ans their titles are these:
Stop and Stare
Apologize (both versions)
Someone to Save You
Come Home
Dreaming Out Loud
All We Are

But all the songs are truly amazing though. A band hasn’t pleased me as much since the first time I heard the Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up the Girl  cd. And if Goo Goo Dolls is the best band ever (it is in the Gospel according to ME!), OneRepublic must be quite amazing! 

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In recent news we’ve heard that Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus stole Lustra’s song “Scotty Doesn’t Know”. Her new single “Rockstar” uses very much the same melody as Lustra’s song. I who have been a HUGE fan of Scotty Doesn’t Know since the first time I saw the film Eurotrip, find myself disgusted by the obvious plagiarism that has occured here. Unlike the way the media says it, I don’t blame Miley Cyrus, as she is a 14 (or something) year old Disney brand who does not write her own songs. Disney however, does write her songs. Therefore, Disney is to blame for this one…!

by the way, check out both songs on youtube, and make up your own mind. I must say that I’ve experienced plagiarism before, but never quite as obvious as in this case!

Shame on Disney!!! (and shame on whoever blames Miley for this…)

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My Facebook fortune cookie so sweetly told me to “let it go” today.

I agree with my facebook fortune cookie.

At the moment I am struggling to finish my three essays (total 9000 words) by the 16th of May. I am also far behind in the subject: Introduction to Old English, which I have an exam in on May 29th. As if the worrying about uni. work wasnt enough, I also have certain scores that I NEED to get, in order to recieve the degree that I want. Another thing on my mind is that I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate, and the day is getting closer by the second. I dont know what I want to to for a job, I dont know where I want to live, and I dont know what I want to do with my life.

I am stressed out. I didnt fall asleep till 5am last night(this morning). My sleeping pattern is messed up, my mind is exhaused and all the worrying and the not knowing is (almost) killing me.

I know all students have moments like this, but that doesnt really make it any easier.

I decided to try to write it out, so I could let it go. I dont know if it will work, but I am warning you that there might be more posts like this in the near future.

I better get back to my essay now. Its gonna be a LONG night (again!)

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