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If I have any steady readers at all, then I just want to apologize for my lack of blogging lately. May and June in general are always crazy months in my life.

Im writing to you from Paris at the moment. Arrived yesterday to a BLAZING heat, and spent the night meeting Mia and Meredith again for the first time since Miami and Newcastle. Three American guys are also here with us, one a friend of Mias, and the other two friends of him. Suvi whom I met one day, when studying in the Toon also arrived in Paris yesterday. The evening was spent eating at a really crappy French restaurant, and then getting a little tipsy in the boys hotel room afterwards, drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Today we went to the Louvre. It was very warm and crowded, but the outside area of the louvre, by the pyramides, was insanely pretty. Had lunch in the park right by the museum.

right now we#re back at the hostel. Mia and Suvi are watching the game between Argentina and Germany, and Im about to head out to a nearby boutique to have alittle looksy 🙂

promise to be back for good when fall comes around. My life is likely to be far less exciting then 😉

❤ from Paris !!!


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It’s 4.45 am, and I’m standing at the reception at the hotel where I work. its been a sloooow night, too slow for me. I’m almost sleeping.

To occupy my time I think of where I’d rather be at this exact minute, and I wish I was in Key West. I wish I was on a cozy bed at the angelina guesthouse, listening to the thunder outside, drinking vitaminwater and eating popcorn. And I wish I was there with Mia. Summer seem so very far away now, and I just wish I was back there again….I was only there for a week, but apparantly thats all it takes to fall in love with a place.

Key West, pretty pretty place. I’ll be back, or at least I hope I will be. xx

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Last post I made this huge deal about taking a break from the blog, but from where I sit now in a quiet hotel reception after midnight writing my blog actually seems like a great place to spend some time. no, not to read my own posts, but to write you this one 🙂

The record of visitors on my blog was a hundred and ninety something, last day of August. I am hoping it might reach new heights now, after posting another post.

I am currently halfway through Breaking Dawn (the latest and last installment of the “Twilight series”), and i am enjoying it. So far its nothing like I expected, but then again I had really no clue what to expect. So far though, I can tell you that Stephenie Meyer is brilliant, and she took care of the “most important issue” in an elegant and classy way (wont tell you what, i wont give away any spoilers).

I’m still in love with PostSecret, and read it every week (new cards every Sunday). You should too, it’s good for you. Food for the soul 😉 check it out at www.postsecret.com

I noticed a lot of people stopped by to read about my fight against Norwegian whaling. I love that so many people seem to be interested in this topic, but I do wish more people would sign it. If it helps your decition I can tell you that i am a Norwegian myself, and have only once in my life even seen whale meat. Some guy knocked on my aunt and uncle’s door and asked them if they wanted to buy whale meat of him (I know, DODGY!). They bought it, and I was disgusted… One of the Norwegian governments arguments for Norwegian whaling is that it is an important part of the Norwegian everyday foodconsumption, which I can tell you it honestly is not. Maybe in the beginning of the 1900’s, but thats a looooong time ago. Times are changing, so should Norway too. Help me fight Norwegian whaling by signing my petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/JMM/petition.html

This is a cause worth fighting for, and it will only take a minute of your time!

For news and more on the Twilight book series and the upcoming Twilight movie, go to the writer’s homepage, and read all about it,find playlists for the books and find links to interview videos both with the Twilight cast and with Stephenie Meyer herself. www.stepheniemeyer.com

I better get back to my breaking Dawn book then, since nothings happening at the reception and i am runningout of things to write. I will write back as soon as I feel like it, but am making no promises as to when exactly this will occur.

Goodnight good people!

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So, for the people who read my blog (if any), you will have notice my absence from the blog. I apologize (mostly to myself), but sumemr and life in general got in my way.

I think that this is it for me, at least for now. I might start writing again soon, or I might stop all together, or i might start a new blog (to fit my new life). I will let you know 😉

I got a job, so I will be a nighttime receptionist at an airport hotel in Norway. Uni. is over, and its time to settle for a bit, and make some money. My lovely friend Mia is heading to the Netherlands, where she will study for her masters. I’m not sure, but I think its european politics (aka. the EU). Should fit her nicely 🙂

I am still awaiting the Twilight movie, and I will be there, front row, when the film premieres (wherever I might be at the time). The fourth book i nthe series, Breaking Dawn, is on it’s way to my home in Norway, from Amazon UK. I have two copies arriving. One for me, and one for my youngest sister. My middle sister has decided to borrow our copies when we’re done. I can’t wait !
For any information about the film or the books, check out the Stephenie Meyer website (www.stepheniemeyer.com).

As for postsecret, i still read it every week, and I’m also a friend of postsecret on myspace and on facebook. One last postsecret postcard here for you (from this week):

For more postsecrets go to www.postsecret.com – new secrets every sunday!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to reconnect in the future 🙂

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sorry (kinda)

sorry for going all AWOL when I said in my last post how I was gonna give you tons of updates. The truth is that then sun came out, and the beach is more tempting than you (no offense).

As soon as it starts raining, I’ll be back 🙂

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For my readers, if there are any, I apologize for my absence from the blog for the past weeks.

I promised photos from Florida, I promised more PostSecret and more Twilight movie (Breakign dawn book) stuff.

I shall try to fulfill my promises during the following days.

Until then i can tell you shortly about my past weeks and whats been going down.

I have left England!! I graduated July 8th, and my parents came pver and helped me pack all my stuff. Since then I have been hanging around on my lvoely island, annoying my mind over the constant rain, and havign fun with my sister Aina. My parents and my sister Mette and my brother Tobias are on a long camping trip, so we’re home alone. enjoying loads of films and junk food 🙂

not spending much time findign work, but I will be betetr this week, so stay tuned. there is loads mroe to come 😀

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It just dawned on me… I am not anyone anymore… what I was is over, and I dont have anywhere to go now… I might have thought I was lost before, but now I know that I wasn’t…until now!

Its all changed and I got stuck in the in-between place on my own…

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