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The trailer is out for Whale Wars season 3!!!

Watch it here:


The animal Planet camera crew is back on the “high seas” with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, following them for three months on their Waltzing Matilda campaign against Japanese whalers in the Souther Ocean.

My tv is ready. Whale Wars Season 3 starts June 4th on Animal Planet.

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Im at home. on the island. its springtime. the sun is out. birds are singing, and so am I.

Yesterday was may 17 (Norway day), and I ate ice cream and cake.

Tomorrow is back to work, but I wont think about that yet. Cause the sun is shining. And the shining sun is making me happy.

it was a long winter.

I love being on the island when the sun is out. Its the most beautiful place on earth 🙂

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