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I have been AWOL-ing it a bit lately, as I have been totally swamped at worked, and when not at work all I want to do is play around with Farmville and sleep.

Reason why the past week has been a true nightmare:

Yup, its that lovely volcano in Iceland thats been sending its ashes around, creating near-chaos all over Europe.

I work at an airport hotel, close to a central Norwegian airport. You would think that with all planes and helicopters cancelled, we would have nothing to do.
I wish…

Its been BUSY. insane, even. 3 out of 4 of all the busy/crazy days I’ve had at that hotel, have occured within the past week. I work alone this weekend, so I’m sending my wish out there to ask that volcano to take a rest until the weekend is over and done with. Wish granted ? please ?

As for my new, healthy lifestyle, its been going okay. I struggled the most the first week, because people kept giving me cakes and stuff (!). But I worked out extra, and think I managed to cancel out the cake that way 😉

This week I’ve been to the gym twice, and work is so busy that eating is not a priority. Coffee is what keeps me going. And when I do eat I stay mostly healthy. Green apples, bananas and soup.

Also, I went to a thing with all my relatives on my dads side of the family last weekend. I think there was around 90 – 100 people there. It was nice enough. Got to catch up a little with some cousins, and my second cousins/childhood best friends ❤ there was also cake 😉

now I’m planning to do my dishes, cook dinner, watch some mtv, take a shower and then I am off to bed. Sleep 😀


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I love coffee. I might be an addict. But I could be addicted to far worse, Im sure.

I love sitting down with a cup of coffee. Taking moments out of my day to drink down some energy and some liquid bliss with a dash of milk.

But somethimes, life gets busy. And you think about that cup of coffee that you so desperately want. You can almost smell it, but you dont have time to get any closer.

And that is when you wish, that life could be like this:

Plug me in, please! ❤

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So, I just bought me a bikini from New Look (uk). Summer is two months away. But are you bikini ready just beacause summer is here and you have a bikini ?  The answer for me is a big NO !

Even if I sleep over at the gym and work out five hours a day, I will not be bikini ready in two months. But that doesn’t mean its hopeless, does it ?
I find that whenever I’m in better shape and slimmer than before, I usually feel better about my body. So even if I dont look totally amazing in a bikini this summer, I can still look fit and healthy. And slimmer than I am now.  So in a way, I will be bikini ready this summer. capichè ?

So this is the bikini that is making its way to my home :

I know it looks kinda crazy, but I like crazy. so if I can just shape up some, I’m gonna rock this bikini 😀

Working out is one thing (cause I have this amazing thing that plays music – pictured below), but I love food. Unhealthy food mostly.

But from now on, its seeds and nuts and twigs for me 😉
Well, not really. I’m guessing my daily diet will look something like this :


Have to admit it doesn’t look too bad.

Wish me luck ! ? 🙂

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