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Who cares if this figure skater didn’t win a medal this year (thought he was very close ;)), he certainly won my heart 😉

He’s an AMAZING skater, he’s VERY hot, and he just seems like such a sweet guy.

Here is my reason 1 for loving the olympics:

(I might have to quit my job so I can spend ALL my time staring at this photo!!! YUMMY!!!)

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Why, you might ask ?

Right after midnight, as the calendar switched from the 14th to the 15th, I found myself giggling happily.

Valentines day was over !

Didn’t know I didnt like it until it was over. strange. I dont hate love, or hate seeing couples who are in love. I wouldnt mind being in love either. But on a cold and icy day in february, when the snow has been around for two months in total, it just does not put me in that warm fuzzy feeling. No matter how many pink hearts and red roses and white candles I am surronded by.

Move it to April or something. I like April. I like spring. Spring is love. February is just February. Nothing special. Anywho, doesnt matter now anyway. Its over for this year 😀

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I used to watch this show on tv every saturday (or it might have been friday…!), like clockwork the Norwegian TVNorge showed a new episode every week.

Me, a ten year old (or close to ten), facinated with mysteries and treasures and secrets and riddles, I fell in love with this show. Tonight, I am watching it again. It is definately not the same as it used to be (things are a lot more scary when you are ten), but its very entertaining nonetheless.

Anyone have a favourite episode ?

I think I liked the one about the crown (Ireland episode) best. Tonight however, I am watching “Arthurs Cross”.

Oh, how I love internet streaming videos. They make my life so much more interesting (unfortunately ?! ;))

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So, the Japanese whalers are getting pretty desperate this whaling season. They just rammed the Sea Shepherd’s newest ship “Bob Barker”.

News here:


Video here :


And dont try to tell me this one was Sea Shepherds fault. Cause it so obviously was not !

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