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I’ve benn drooling for months over all the gorgeous and cool tea and coffe cups at Indiska. ( www.indiska.no )

For christmas my lovely siblings bought me a gift card to the store, and pictures below is what the gift card was used for:


The name of the cup is “Peacock Cup”. Its pretty. And at the moment its full of green tea 🙂


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…and round and round and round and round and round.

Let’s just say the roads are VERY icy these days 😉

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The Japanese Whalers just rammed the Ady Gil down in the Southern Ocean !!!

Guess that shows how scared they are of the sea Shepherds. Good thing no one got hurt, and that the Sea Shepherds still have two more ships left to go.

Read the whole thing here:


In the Norwegian media (in Norwegian):


Don’t give up, Sea Shepherds. Keep them running 😉

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Huge surprise for everyone today, as the Sea Shepherds’ THIRD ship turned up in the Southern Ocean today !!! Yup, thats right, a THIRD ship.

Here I was secretly doubting their success to kick some Japanese whaling butt this year, and then they spring these news on me:


To the Sea Shepherds:
I am ashamed that I ever doubted you. Please forgive me. Now, go stop the Japanese whalers once and for all (and then come to Norway this summer to end Norwegian whaling once and for all, too) You guys are AMAZING !

To the Japanese Whalers:
Time to go home guys, FOR GOOD! buh-bye !


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This photo explains my header extremely well.

Christmas is over. I just spent 35 minutes at the gym running on the crosstrainer, and the items pictured here are the products I am consuming at this very moment. Pomegranate&raspberry tea, a green apple and SunFlower seeds. (I know, I’m sooo healthy ;))

I’ll try to make it last, but that chocolate in my fridge looks so good.

Maybe if I go to the gym tomorrow too…. 😉

Christmas is so over, back to reality. And reality is, I’m out of shape and I’m starting too look a little “pudgy” (don’t know if thats a word or not, but it should be, and I guess now that I’ve used it is actually a word..)

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Tobias found the almond in his porridge. Therefore he got the marzipan pig (oh, how I love the Norwegian christmas traditions;))

The table was set, ready for Christmas Dinner

I am a self-proclaimed dinnerparty entertainer

Tobias posed in front of the Christmas tree (I hid the Norwegian flags so my brother couldn’t put them on the tree this year…!)

Me and the sister posed in our Christmas finest

I drank coffee (lots of coffee)

Aina played and I sang (In the Sun by Joseph Arthur)


Aina, Mette Susann and Tobias ready to “gå julebukk” (the Norwegian equivalent to Christmas caroling)


New Years Eve and large amounts of chips/crisps “vanished” 

My brother brought fireworks


The family played “Trivial Pursuit girls vs.boys” (girls won!)

Three hours into 2010 I changed into my PJ’s and found me a book to read

This was a short photographic recap of Christmas (possibly my favourite christmas to date). Loads more photos excist, but I don’t want to bore you 😉

Happy New Year, dear reader. Make it an EXCELLENT one 😀

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As the Sea Shepherds roam the vast seas in the antarctic searching for whalers to harrass , I am trying to come up with ways to fight the whalers from where I am.

The natural place to start would be to fight the norwegian government. Norway  could be such a great country, but the government allow a few things slide that just doesnt make sense. We could look like such a great country, but the world only sees our mistakes. And still allowing whaling is a BIG mistake.

Please help me in my little fight to stop norwegian whaling. There is no place for whaling in the world today. Let the norwegian government know how you feel.

Sign the petition (it only takes 20 seconds):


and join me on facebook:


Thank you 🙂 EVERYTHING helps!

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