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White Wedding <3

I went to my cousin and his wife’s wedding yesterday. They were already married, but the family wanted a party 😉 so partied we did, and it was great. Im so so tired now though.

❤ the wife is one of my best friends, and she has been ever since the first time he brought her home to meet the family 🙂

oh, LOVE ❤


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The Stupidity of me

So, my colleague asked me the other day, could you please come to work earlier on friday. i said yes.

On saturday, the first bus is at 9am. from work.

Meaning: I just said yes to a 12hour shift. (nightshift 8 hours + 4 hours day)

i am an idiot.

witness therefore, the stupidity of me!

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Answer: More than you’d think.

The Norwegian hotel business is not quite as crazy in summer as the rest of the worl, but the people of Germany ALWAYS manage to find their way here to our beautiful country. I work in a typical Norwegian airport hotel, and 80% of our guests at the moment are german. Therefore, I can truly say.

I know how many German people can fit in an elevator !

Last load down the elevator was 10 (and the elevator is quite small…!)

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Eternal Optimist

I must be an eternal optimist.

I live in Norway, and I have not yet acquired an umbrella for myself.
If you are not Norwegian, or you do not know much about Norway, you are probably thinkink something like this right now:  “isn’t Norway just snow and ice ?!”

The far north of Norway is usually cold and icy for most of the year. The rest however, is just incredibly rainy.

So therefore, I must be an eternal optimist, because I still do not own an umbrella. I cannot even remember owning one. Maybe it is time though. because the fact that im an eternal optimist doesnt change the fact that, it’s now raining outside.

I will be heading to the shops tomorrow. To buy summer clothes. if it rains on my way there, I might decide that it is finally time to cool down my optimism a little bit.

After all, I don’t like to get wet!!!

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