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Last post I made this huge deal about taking a break from the blog, but from where I sit now in a quiet hotel reception after midnight writing my blog actually seems like a great place to spend some time. no, not to read my own posts, but to write you this one 🙂

The record of visitors on my blog was a hundred and ninety something, last day of August. I am hoping it might reach new heights now, after posting another post.

I am currently halfway through Breaking Dawn (the latest and last installment of the “Twilight series”), and i am enjoying it. So far its nothing like I expected, but then again I had really no clue what to expect. So far though, I can tell you that Stephenie Meyer is brilliant, and she took care of the “most important issue” in an elegant and classy way (wont tell you what, i wont give away any spoilers).

I’m still in love with PostSecret, and read it every week (new cards every Sunday). You should too, it’s good for you. Food for the soul 😉 check it out at www.postsecret.com

I noticed a lot of people stopped by to read about my fight against Norwegian whaling. I love that so many people seem to be interested in this topic, but I do wish more people would sign it. If it helps your decition I can tell you that i am a Norwegian myself, and have only once in my life even seen whale meat. Some guy knocked on my aunt and uncle’s door and asked them if they wanted to buy whale meat of him (I know, DODGY!). They bought it, and I was disgusted… One of the Norwegian governments arguments for Norwegian whaling is that it is an important part of the Norwegian everyday foodconsumption, which I can tell you it honestly is not. Maybe in the beginning of the 1900’s, but thats a looooong time ago. Times are changing, so should Norway too. Help me fight Norwegian whaling by signing my petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/JMM/petition.html

This is a cause worth fighting for, and it will only take a minute of your time!

For news and more on the Twilight book series and the upcoming Twilight movie, go to the writer’s homepage, and read all about it,find playlists for the books and find links to interview videos both with the Twilight cast and with Stephenie Meyer herself. www.stepheniemeyer.com

I better get back to my breaking Dawn book then, since nothings happening at the reception and i am runningout of things to write. I will write back as soon as I feel like it, but am making no promises as to when exactly this will occur.

Goodnight good people!


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