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So, for the people who read my blog (if any), you will have notice my absence from the blog. I apologize (mostly to myself), but sumemr and life in general got in my way.

I think that this is it for me, at least for now. I might start writing again soon, or I might stop all together, or i might start a new blog (to fit my new life). I will let you know 😉

I got a job, so I will be a nighttime receptionist at an airport hotel in Norway. Uni. is over, and its time to settle for a bit, and make some money. My lovely friend Mia is heading to the Netherlands, where she will study for her masters. I’m not sure, but I think its european politics (aka. the EU). Should fit her nicely 🙂

I am still awaiting the Twilight movie, and I will be there, front row, when the film premieres (wherever I might be at the time). The fourth book i nthe series, Breaking Dawn, is on it’s way to my home in Norway, from Amazon UK. I have two copies arriving. One for me, and one for my youngest sister. My middle sister has decided to borrow our copies when we’re done. I can’t wait !
For any information about the film or the books, check out the Stephenie Meyer website (www.stepheniemeyer.com).

As for postsecret, i still read it every week, and I’m also a friend of postsecret on myspace and on facebook. One last postsecret postcard here for you (from this week):

For more postsecrets go to www.postsecret.com – new secrets every sunday!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to reconnect in the future 🙂

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