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For the readers who know me, check out my facebook for photos. more to come, also on the blog.

Bought an ipod yesterday. a pink 8 gig nano 😀

last night in Miami and with Meredith tonight, as we head for Key West tomorrow.!!!

will write long summary when I get home, but for now I’m too busy 😉


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Sittign in Miami now, and its warm. Spent most of the day in the car. Woke up in Orlando at 6am, and hit the road at 7am. drove to Cocoa beach on the space coast, and then to the Kennedy Space centre. Spend a good few hours there, taking loads of pictures for my dad who is very jealous that I got to go there and not him.

Got back to Miami about an hour ago. Merediths flight is delayed, so right now we are just chillin’ here for a bit (internet cafe). gonan go eat/drink soon, and then I want to buy some new clothes. all my clothes are soaked with sweat (not nice!!!)

Spent yesterday at Universal studios Orlando, and Universal islands of adventure. Got to go on the Jurassic Park ride, and I’ve never been happier 😉

I will come back with more when i get a chance, and then maybe Ill add some photos too 🙂

from Florida with love xxx


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Welcome to the journey that we shall from now on refer to as “Florida journey”.

Yes, I am heading to Florida for two weeks with Mia, and I shall try to keep you updated along the way. I am very excited, and also kinda anxious. thats travel nerves for you 😉

Early in the morning I am heading towards Newcastle airport, and then from there to Paris, and from Paris to Miami.

I better start heading towards bed now, so i wont kill Mia when she wakes me up in the morning 😉

the journey begins…..

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I find that most people visit my blog for Twilight stuff (the movie especially), and I will try my hardest to please those people. I must say however, that those who are constantly looking for information about Twilight the movie and the Twilight book series, you should visit Stephenie Meyers official web site. That is after all where I get most of my information from.
Link here: www.stepheniemeyer.com

There is a nice little countdown clock to the fourth book in the Twilight series on the meyer website (www.stepheniemeyer.com) , counting days, hours, minutes and seconds. I am not sure if that is the release for US only, or if it is for ‘the world’. I do hope it is for the world, as I will be eagerly expecting the book either in the UK or in Norway.
At this very moment the countdown clock reads: 58 Days, 5 Hours, 33 Minutes and 30 Seconds!

I have not yet had the pleasure of reading Stephenie Meyers new book “The Host”, as I have 12 books in my collection that I still haven’t read. But when I read it I shall let you know how I feel about it 🙂 the reviews are excellent though, so I am lookign forward to reading it.

Stay tuned the next week for more posts on twilight the movie, as I will try to find soem new videos etc. for you 🙂

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I have in my hand a CD. It is black and blue, the writing is in white. The writing reads: ONEREPUBLIC – dreaming out loud.


I ordered the OneRepublic cd on amazon before the weekend, and today it finally arrived. OneRepublic’s fantastic music pleases my ears as I write to you now, to tell you to do what I did, go buy the cd (or order it). I ❤ OneRepublic, and if you give it a chance, I truly believe you will ❤ it too 🙂

Favourites are many, ans their titles are these:
Stop and Stare
Apologize (both versions)
Someone to Save You
Come Home
Dreaming Out Loud
All We Are

But all the songs are truly amazing though. A band hasn’t pleased me as much since the first time I heard the Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up the Girl  cd. And if Goo Goo Dolls is the best band ever (it is in the Gospel according to ME!), OneRepublic must be quite amazing! 

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