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Decisions, decisions…

If you read my last post you know I hade a job interview yesterday, over the phone. After the interview I was left thinking it didn’t go very well. But I guess it did, cause they called me a few hours to offer me the job…!

yeah, I know. Hurrah for me and all that. I was happy for a split second. Then I realized I have like no time to decide whether to accept or not… I have to make up my mind by Tuesday. Honestly, I HATE makind decitions. I’m not good at makign decitions. On one hand, Dublin seems like a great city to live, and the job seems okay. But I’ve never been to Dublin, so I dont really know if i’ll like it or not. And the work place is outside of Dublin, not in Dublin. And the rent prices are sooooooooooo expencive!!! And I NEED to live alone. I’ve never lived on my own, and its way overdue. But I dont think I can afford it. So for the next couple of days I need to do loads of research, both literally, and also on my mind. Because right now,

I have NO idea what I want, and the time to make decisions just came over me much more quickly than I had anticipated…


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Yesterday, at 9.30 am, I had my final exam. ever! (potentially).  I would have shared the good news sooner, but I had celebrating to do. From 6pm to 2 am i was out with Mia and soem friends of hers. We went to the Hancock first, and when the bar closed we went to Mood at the Gate. It was surprisingly good, and there was a lot of dancing.

Today I’m just relaxing, going to the cinema tonight to see sex and the city. In a few minutes I have a telephone interview for a customer service job in Dublin. I hope it goes well, I’d love to live in Ireland. Wish me luck !!!

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My friend Mia is OBSESSED with Eurovision. You might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m really telling the truth. Mia is OBSESSED with Eurovision.

She knows all the countries, the costumes, the performances, the songs (yes, even lyrics), even the names of every single artist. She might not know the names of the dancers, but that is one of the few things she doesn’t know about Eurovision.

She is hosting a Eurovision party tomorrow, for the finale. I am bringing my flag, and Mia is bringng everything else!

I’m excited for everything but the actual singing part. I just want to party.
Mia is excited about the singing. I know, SHOCK!

If Norway wins (which they wont…..ever!) I shall post a nice little celebration post for you. pictures will be posted no matter who wins though 😉

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I finished my essays (all three of them), and I am soooo close to being DONE with my degree. I still have one exam left though, so I’m not in the clear yet. I do hope however, that I will pass the exam with a decent score, and that will be the (good) end of my life at uni.

I will take exam revision breaks to fill you in on my (not so fun-filled) life at the moment. Bringing you my wonderful insight to all things that inspire and/or interest me, so stay tuned.

Updates on Twilight and PostSecret will come, when I can be bothered.
Until then, stay cool!

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In recent news we’ve heard that Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus stole Lustra’s song “Scotty Doesn’t Know”. Her new single “Rockstar” uses very much the same melody as Lustra’s song. I who have been a HUGE fan of Scotty Doesn’t Know since the first time I saw the film Eurotrip, find myself disgusted by the obvious plagiarism that has occured here. Unlike the way the media says it, I don’t blame Miley Cyrus, as she is a 14 (or something) year old Disney brand who does not write her own songs. Disney however, does write her songs. Therefore, Disney is to blame for this one…!

by the way, check out both songs on youtube, and make up your own mind. I must say that I’ve experienced plagiarism before, but never quite as obvious as in this case!

Shame on Disney!!! (and shame on whoever blames Miley for this…)

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My Facebook fortune cookie so sweetly told me to “let it go” today.

I agree with my facebook fortune cookie.

At the moment I am struggling to finish my three essays (total 9000 words) by the 16th of May. I am also far behind in the subject: Introduction to Old English, which I have an exam in on May 29th. As if the worrying about uni. work wasnt enough, I also have certain scores that I NEED to get, in order to recieve the degree that I want. Another thing on my mind is that I have no idea what I want to do after I graduate, and the day is getting closer by the second. I dont know what I want to to for a job, I dont know where I want to live, and I dont know what I want to do with my life.

I am stressed out. I didnt fall asleep till 5am last night(this morning). My sleeping pattern is messed up, my mind is exhaused and all the worrying and the not knowing is (almost) killing me.

I know all students have moments like this, but that doesnt really make it any easier.

I decided to try to write it out, so I could let it go. I dont know if it will work, but I am warning you that there might be more posts like this in the near future.

I better get back to my essay now. Its gonna be a LONG night (again!)

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It had been a while since I last checked my online petition against Norwegian whaling, and last time I checked there wasonly a total of seven signatures. My heart grew large when I discovered that there was now 116 signatures on the petition.

I do not know if any of my readers are a part of the peopel who have signed my petition, but if you are, I give you all a big thank you. For those who haven’t, i would greatly appreciate if you could tak two minutes out of you day to sign the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/JMM/petition.html

Tell you friends to sign it too, as this is an important issue, and the more signatures, the more of an impact we can make in the fight to stop Norwegian whaling.

Thank You!

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