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Bye, for now ;-)

Going to York for the weekend, will tell you all about it when I get back on Sunday!!!!
have a good one !!!


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My favourite PostSecret (http://postsecret.blogspot.com/) postcard of the week is this:bloomwhite.jpg

I found it very moving and sad, at it reminded me of my grandfather who passed away about six months ago.

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so, it’s almost here. The film version of the AMAZING book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I should be happy. I should be extatic.

But I’m not.

Reading the assumed cast list makes me want to cry. There are just some VERY wrong choices for my favourite characters….

First of all, I don’t see Kristen Stewart as Bella. I don’t really like Kristen, but after seeing The Messengers, I like her a bit more than before. But she is still not my Bella. My Bella is Emily Browning, for sure.

Second, what the f**k is Nikki Reed doing in that film ? no, no, no !!!! I don’t mind her, I really don’t, but she is not ‘Twilight material’. She’s only there cause the director is like ‘her best friend’….I want to throw up….

Third, Pattison (or Cedric) as Edward? Edward is supposed to be this gorgeous, handsome, beautiful guy, and Pattison in not (in my opinion).

Fourth, the guy they chose for Carlisle, he’s too young looking I think. I mean, Carlisle is young, but not that young….

so, loads of depressed me….Now, if they only stay close to the book, I might survive this…but it’s Hollywood, so I’m worried.

Feel free to share your thoughts on everything, I’d love to know I’m not the only one…!!

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WHY is 95% of the pwoplw working in the post office women over 50 ? and slow women over 50 ? I went to the post office today, thinking I had time to post a packet before uni., and I ended up missing my lecture. I blame the old women working there for that. Seriously, their movements are SO SLOW, and they look like they have all the time in the world. and who knows, maybe they do, because the yhave no lives. My work policy is, if there are customers waiting, work fast !!!!!!
Honestly, it’s not difficult at all… (except for when you are an old woman working at the post office….apparantly….)

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I want to wish my good friend Mia a happy, pink and fluffy birthday!!!
She’s a great friend, always happy and sweet.
I had a great time celebrating with her tonight, and I swear I wont eat out for quite some time after this night 😉
Saw Jumper at Empire, and it was good. ending was a bit awkward though. Anyways, I dont mind spending time at the cinema watching Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell for hours 😀 One thing though, I saw Kristen Stewart in it, and it almost made me sick thinking that girl is going to play Bella in Twilight. She is just wrong for the part in so many ways !!!!! (Mia agrees ;-))

Again, Happy Birthda Mia. Remember, 2+2=4, 22-4=18 😉

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Wake Up!!!

Lately, I’ve been a whole lot of tired, and a whole lot of lazy, and I sleep way too much.
I do not nearly enough uni. work, I watch way to much tv, and I haven’t been to the gym in ages.

So starting tomorrow(Monday) (or Tuesday, considedering tomorrow is Mia’s birthday…) I will make a plan, and STICK to it!!
I will work hard with my uni.work, try my best to find me a future(job/education…), I will go to the gym, I will eat healthy and I will get into a healthy sleeping routine.

Then, hopefully, I will get better control of my life, I’ll be happyer, and I’ll feel like I actually do ALL I can to make my life the way I wish it was.

Wish me luck !!

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Songs I listened to the most: 
           Brie Larson – Life After You
           The National Treasure OST (Soundtrack)
           Nødutgang – Maria
Films I saw: 
           The Palm Beach Story
           The Day After Tomorrow
           John Tucker Must Die
TV-shows I watched: 
           NCIS – Season 3
           Whos Line is it Anyway ? (I know, again ;-))
           Americas Next Top Model (Damn you Mia…;-))

Book(s) I read:
           Gossip Girl:You’re the one that I want by Cecily von Ziegesar
           Gossip Girl:Nobody does it better by Cecily von Ziegesar
           New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Things I did: Uni., had Mia over for dinner, went to Revolution and Digital on Monday with Leanne and Charlotte to celebrate that we passed last semester, went to the ballet on thursday with Mia, started a petition against Norwegian whaling (PLEASE SIGN!!!), and generally wasting time watching stuff online!!!

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